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“Train as if you were the weakest, play as if you were the best”

Robert Godlewski

Founder of Tennis Know - How, Trainer,
Tennis Player and Polish Champion

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    If you are already a trainer, you can be more efficient for a larger group of players than in the traditional way. If you want to start being a trainer, this is the best way to try.

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    Share your skills with beginners and professionals and support their success.

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    Earn money easily by doing what you really like.

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    The specially created application will allow you to make and edit videos easily. Sing up, add a course, sell it, and earn money.

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    Teaching others is the best way to make benefits: improve your skills, be distinguishable, strengthen your position in a tennis world, and also earn money.

    earn with us

    Create courses, share your videos and earn with Tennis Know How.

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